The Christensen Fam

Hi, I’m Ashleigh, and I’m 1/4 of the Christensen Family. I am married with two fabulous kids. We reside in Kelowna, BC (Canada). We don’t seem to have much spare time, but when we do you can find us camping, skiing, or cozied up under blankets watching a Disney movie.

Since becoming a mom I have discovered a passion for cooking. I consider myself a recipe hoarder, also trying new things and I am eager to start documenting the journey. I love cookbooks, Pinterest, and other blogs.

I’ve chosen this platform to mostly “review” recipes, and let my readers know which online recipes are tried and true, and easy for families! Seeing as I am not a professional cook in any way, there are sure to be some bumps along the road, but since most of us are just self taught I hope this will be relatable.

I hope to involve my family as much as possible, fostering a love of cooking for my kids, and having a fun activity to do with my husband! We will try and focus on healthy family foods, but I promise there will be lots of indulgent foods as well! We want to teach our kids a healthy relationship with food, and how to enjoy in moderation!

For now, recipes will be from other sources, but I will be crediting the original source and all photographs and comments will be my own! I look forward to engaging with you all in the comments!

Much love,


photo by Chelsea Tasker Photography (Kelowna, BC)